Thursday, February 20, 2014

Keep Dreaming

People often go about their day thinking that they hadn't dreamed the night before, but that's not always true. Recalling your dreams has to do with your medial prefrontal cortex. Everyone dreams, but some don't remember their dreams once they wake up. There are two different types of people, high dream recallers and low dream recallers. High dream recallers remember their dreams after sleep more often than low dream recallers. Studies show that high dream recallers have twice as many times of wakefulness during sleep than low dream recallers. Also, their brains are more reactive to auditory stimuli while both asleep and awake. 

The areas of your brain determine whether you are a high or low dream recaller. High dream recallers tend to have more spontaneous brain activity in their temporiparietal junction and their medial prefrontal cortex. 

"The sleeping brain is not capable of memorizing new information; it needs to be awake to do that" said Perrine Ryby. His statement explains why high dream recallers have more times of wakefulness. Not only do the dreamers differ in recall, they also differ in their dream production.